KNUTWILER Kola Wasser Commercial (2021)

Produced | TeamVisual
Written & Directed | Kai Yu
DOP | Leon Affolter
1st Camera Assistant | Remo Lang
Musical Score | Reina Burkhalter
Cast: Ivan Bucher, Leon Mönch, Kai Yu, Leon Affolter

El Capo | Imagefilm (2021)

Produced | TeamVisual
Directed | Kai Yu
1AD | Leon Affolter
DOP | Kai Yu
1st Camera Assistant | Remo Lang

Information #2 | Benjamin Emmenegger (2021)

Directed & Produced | Kai Yu
Assist. Prod. | Leon Affolter

Cinematic Demo Reel (2021)

Some improvised cinematography in Zurich🎞️

Produced | Kai Yu & Leon Affolter

Dramatic Demo Reel (2021)

Some improvised cinematography 🎞️  Didn't have a script while shooting, since we filmed this spontaneously during location spotting for another filmproject

Produced | Kai Yu
Cast | Michael Yu

Abstimmung - Spielplatz Sempach-Station (2021)

For the upcoming vote on the implementation of a playground in 
Sempach-Station LU, we were privileged to produce a video for the "Gemeinde Neuenkirch".

Directed & Produced | Kai Yu
Drone & Assist. Prod. | Leon Affolter
Camera & Sound Design | Remo Lang

Gmüesli | Cereals Commercial (2021)

Get an exclusive look at our marketing-campaign for "Gmüesli".

Written | David Komarica
Directed | Kai Yu
Produced | Felix Hofherr
Starring | Noemie Limacher

Information #1 | Benjamin Emmenegger (2021)

Directed & Produced | Kai Yu
Assist. Prod. | Leon Affolter

Axel Marena - Will I ever see you again? (2020)

Together with The Voice of Switzerland finalist "Axel Marena", we shot a music video for his song "Will I Ever see you again".

Directed & Produced | Kai Yu
Executive Writer | Leon Affolter
Starring | Alina Morger 

A ZFF72 Shortfilm (2020)

The Earth is on the verge of extinction. Therefore, the Space Commission launches a last attempt to discover an Earth-like planet and resettle mankind. Since the journey to the next Earth-like planet may take many years, it is decided to send four babies into space.

Writer & Director | Kai Yu
Producer |  Kai Bucher
Art Director |  Dalia Fazil
Starring |  Lisa-Marie Pfadt

Cryptic Control - 
A ZFF72 Shortfilm (2019)

Bobby and Will are best friends. Like every day, they go to the skate park. They love skating. There's nothing disturbing about it, until one day a group of gangsters appear and try to kill them.

Directed & Produced | Kai Yu
VFX Director | Ennio Staffiero
VFX Supervisor | Thomas MClennan